Cosa succederà al settore dei trasporti quando le macchine che si guidano da sole diventeranno comuni? L’ultimo video di CGP Grey, Humans Need Not Apply, è dedicato a esplorare cosa accadrà quando gran parte dei lavori — anche quelli creativi, che crediamo al sicuro — saranno automatizzati e svolti in larga misura da un robot.

Come in passato, ci troveremo nuovi impieghi che solo noi saremo in grado di svolgere, no? No, purtroppo. E non siamo per nulla preparati a questo scenario.

Kevin Kelly, on WIRED:

That leaves us with the jobs that only humans can do—at first. The one thing humans can do that robots can’t (at least for a long while) is to decide what it is that humans want to do. This is not a trivial trick; our desires are inspired by our previous inventions, making this a circular question.

When robots and automation do our most basic work, making it relatively easy for us to be fed, clothed, and sheltered, then we are free to ask, “What are humans for?” Industrialization did more than just extend the average human lifespan. It led a greater percentage of the population to decide that humans were meant to be ballerinas, full-time musicians, mathematicians, athletes, fashion designers, yoga masters, fan-fiction authors, and folks with one-of-a kind titles on their business cards. With the help of our machines, we could take up these roles; but of course, over time, the machines will do these as well. We’ll then be empowered to dream up yet more answers to the question “What should we do?” It will be many generations before a robot can answer that.