pointerSistemi che sanno quello che non sanno

Big Medium spiega come Google potrebbe risolvere il problema delle risposte sbagliate. Il problema è, principalmente, un problema di design: c’è molto che Google potrebbe fare per presentare le risposte in maniera differente, invece che come la verità assoluta.

Google gives only the shallowest context for its featured snippets. Sure, the snippets are always sourced; they plainly link to the page where the answer was extracted. But there’s no sense of what that source is. Is it a Wikipedia-style reference site? A mainstream news site? A partisan propaganda site? Or perhaps a blend of each? There’s no indication unless you visit the page and establish the identity and trustworthiness of the source yourself. […]

People don’t click the source links, and that’s by design. Google is explicitly trying to save you the trouble of visiting the source site. The whole idea of the featured snippet is to carve out the presumed answer from its context. Why be a middleman when you can deliver the answer directly?