pointerIl nuovo MacBook Pro è ottimo per gli hacker

Un punto di vista alternativo: l’autore dell’articolo è felicissimo che il nuovo MacBook Pro sia completamente USB-C, e ne illustra alcuni vantaggi:

The new charging block that comes with the MBP looks exactly the same as any traditional MBP charger. But this charger is totally different than old MacBook Pro chargers in a vital way — it’s just a generic usb charger. There’s nothing about it that makes it “special” for your Mac. […]

I can plug my phone into my MacBook Pro charger and it works perfectly. Now I only need to bring one power cable to the café instead of two and I can charge my computer or my phone interchangeably. This is so nice! But this goes both ways. I can just as easily plug the MacBook Pro into the same USB car charger that I use for my phone.