pointerJony Ive lascerà Apple?

Lo sostengono in molti, specie da quando è arrivata la promozione a Chief Design Officer e, negli ultimi giorni, a causa del libro — visto come il suo canto del cigno, il suo saluto a Apple con una retrospettiva di quanto fatto negli ultimi vent’anni.

Io la penso[1. Be’, spero, soprattutto, che abbia ragione] come John Gruber:

I’ll argue the other side: the existence of this book — not just what the book is about, but the extraordinary effort that went into creating and printing it — is evidence that Jony Ive is wholly in charge of product at Apple. Perhaps every bit as much as Steve Jobs was. If Jony Ive wants to make a $300 book of super-high-end product photography, Apple makes that book. (See also: last year’s $20,000 gold Apple Watches.)

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, because I don’t want Ive to leave Apple. Confirmation bias can lead one to see what one wants to see. But if I had to bet, I’d bet he’s not going anywhere. Fundamentally I think Jony Ive loves Apple, feels a responsibility to the legacy of his collaboration with Steve Jobs, and that whatever aspirations he has for the remainder of his career, personally, they’re only possible at Apple. I think if you want to argue that Ive is one step out the door at Apple, you also have to argue that he’s one step out the door of being a designer. That doesn’t sound right to me.