pointerIl kit per l’IoT di Arduino

Arduino ha lanciato su Kickstarter un kit per l’IoT semplice da utilizzare, fatto di moduli facilmente combinabili fra loro — come dei Lego — e con un’UI che aiuta a definirne il comportamento senza dover sapere programmare:

ESLOV consists of intelligent modules that join together to create projects in minutes with no prior hardware or programming knowledge necessary. Just connect the modules using cables or mounting them on the back of our WiFi and motion hub. When done, plug the hub into your PC. […]

With a total of 25 modules — buttons, LEDs, air quality sensors, microphones, servos, and several others — the possibilities are endless. Sample applications include everything from a monitor that lets you know if your baby is safe, to a washing machine notifier that tells you when your laundry is finished, to a thermostat that you can adjust while out of the house.