pointerIl social network che dimentica

Scrive il New York Times, riguardo a Snapchat:

If we are to believe the theories about how people want to communicate nowadays — largely through anesthetized, hypermediated and impersonal ex­­changes — Snapchat’s recent surge in popularity makes little sense. […]

Its entire aesthetic flies in the face of how most people behave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — as if we’re waiting to be plucked from obscurity by a talent agent or model scout. But Snapchat isn’t the place where you go to be pretty. It’s the place where you go to be yourself, and that is made easy thanks to the app’s inbuilt ephemerality. Away from the fave-based economies of mainstream social media, there’s less pressure to be dolled up, or funny. For all the advances in tech that let us try on various guises to play around with who we are, it seems that we just want new ways to be ourselves. As it turns out, the mundanity of our regular lives is the most captivating thing we could share with one another.

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