pointerDavid Pogue: ora capisco Snapchat

David Pogue (guardate anche il video):

Usually, what you post online is there forever. It can come back to haunt you. Everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Web, text messages, email — it will always be there for people to judge you. Your parents might see it. A college admissions officer. A prospective employer.

But Snapchat takes the pressure off. If your snap is goofy or badly framed or embarrassing or incriminating — you don’t care! Post it anyway. No employer or principal or parent will ever find it and disapprove.

Furthermore, there are no comments, no Like buttons, no counts of how many friends you have. No judgment.

All of this gives Snapchat an honesty, an authenticity, an immediacy that the other social media apps lack — and that millennials love.

Concordo pienamente: il fatto che qualsiasi contenuto condiviso via Snapchat prima o poi scompaia serve ad alleggerire la condivisione — a renderla più piacevole e spontanea — più che a condividere foto di nudi.