pointerLa bottega delle applicazioni

Erick Tseng ha raccontato i suoi otto giorni in Nord Korea in un post su Medium. Fra i (molti) dettagli allucinanti del post, a un certo punto descrive il loro App Store: non uno store che risiede sullo smartphone, ma un negozio fisico in cui i cittadini si recano per caricare un’app sul loro telefono.

Me: Oh, I’m sorry. Am I not allowed to see it?
Minder: No, it’s not that. It’s just not here.
Me: Not here? I don’t understand. Where is it?
Minder: Well, it’s a store. We would have to go there.
Me: Wait, your App Store is a physical store?? <pause, as I digest this incredible information> Can we visit one?
Minder: No, it’s not on our itinerary.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Their App Store was an actual place! You physically go to this place, ask a man behind the counter for the Mosquito Repellent app, pay him, and he plugs a cable into your phone and installs it for you! Mind officially blown.