pointerLa semplicità vende più del lusso?

Muji è una mia ossessione, probabilmente possiedo più cose di Muji che di qualsiasi altra azienda[1. Come trivia: in questo momento indosso, casualmente, pantaloni, camicia e pure biancheria di Muji!]. Il New Yorker gli ha recentemente dedicato un pezzo:

A decade ago, we had cool Japan, all Hello Kitty and Pokémon and street fashion. Muji, with its lack of logos, represents post-cool, normcore Japan, which is, of course, a fetishized version of Japanese culture—serene and neat and proper.

It is tempting to describe Muji’s goods as basic, but that would belie the sophistication and premeditation at work. Its Facebook page describes its aim as creating “products that are really necessary in everyday life in the shapes that are really necessary.” Muji certainly produces staples, like stationery, kitchenware, cleaning products, luggage, storage options, and snacks. The colors, patterns, and materials are generic, but everything, from toothbrush holders to storage boxes, comes in pleasing shapes. […]

Muji is banking on “the idea that simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury.”

dataghoul (December 30, 2015)

Credo che ci sia gente ancora più ossessionata da Muji, perché nello store di via Torino a Milano vedo spesso turisti giapponesi che ci fanno acquisti.