pointerSopraffatto da internet

CGP Grey si sente sopraffatto dalla quantità di cose da leggere, guardare e scoprire su internet:

Many years ago, the college version of myself had a vague sense of ‘being overwhelmed’ he couldn’t pin down to anything specific.

His workload hadn’t increased: he was just attending summer courses to clear requirements so there was less to do than a normal dual-major semester.

With less work why did it feel like there was more to do and why did it take him longer to accomplish less? […]

Arguments about the quality of news aside, he came to realize the ‘overwhelmed’ problem wasn’t about the number of things to do, but was about the number of things he let into his brain. The news is a rather effective vehicle for delivering a large number of small things: each story a single guest arriving to a party.

Individually the guests don’t make a lot of noise, but adding one by one makes the collective volume creep up in a way unnoticeable until you take a break from the conversation and realize that it’s way too loud in here.