pointerCome aggiustare tutto

Motherboard ha intervistato il fondatore di iFixit. Il risultato è un interessante racconto della guerra fredda che Apple e iFixit (più in generale: chiunque si azzardi ad aprire un oggetto per ripararlo) stanno combattendo.

The first time you open an electronic, it stops being a magical black box and you see it’s just a bunch of things plugged together,” Wiens said. “A plumber is not necessarily better at plumbing than me, he’s just faster and more consistent. That’s the case with a lot of this stuff. […]

The disappearance of tools from our common education is the first step toward a wider ignorance of the world of artifacts we inhabit,” Crawford wrote in the book. “And, in fact, an engineering culture has developed in recent years in which the object is to ‘hide the works,’ rendering many of the devices we depend on every day unintelligible to direct inspection.