Il fatto che sia anche uno smartphone — che uno debba portarselo all’orecchio o tappargli la schiena — è abbastanza perplimente; però si può soprassedere: è simpaticissimo.

The Verge:

What will really make or break RoboHon is the degree of autonomy it can express. Sharp’s heartstring-tugging promo video is one thing, but the emotional bond will be undermined if you have to initiate every action or move RoboHon towards you all the time. Basically, I don’t want to have to set up my robot phone to take pictures of my friends at a barbecue. I want my robot phone to chill out with my friends at a barbecue.

Wait. Do I really want that? Maybe not. But I do want to spend more time with RoboHon when it’s released in the first half of next year, because it’s a deeply silly product that leverages old tech in some unusual new ways. And really, just look at it.