pointerQuanto è veloce Touch ID sui nuovi iPhone?

Il nuovo Touch ID, che Apple dice essere 2x più veloce del sensore precedente, è davvero veloce. Sono abituato a schiacciare il bottone Home per dare uno sguardo alle notifiche e all’orario ma sui nuovi iPhone 6s, scrive Gruber, quella pressione rapida e veloce é sufficiente a autenticare e sbloccare l’iPhone:

Apple is billing the new Touch ID sensor as “up to 2× faster”. They’re underselling it. It’s so fast now that every single time I press it, it unlocks the phone, no matter how brief the contact is between my finger and the sensor. I can sit here and try to use the home button to get to the lock screen, and I can’t unless I purposefully only touch a small portion of the button or use an unregistered finger. It’s that fast. This actually takes some getting used it, if, like me, you sometimes use the home button just to get to the lock screen to check the date or time. With the new Touch ID sensor, the home button instantly unlocks the phone and I need to use the sleep/wake button to get to the lock screen.