pointerSafari è il nuovo Internet Explorer?

Nolan Lawson si lamenta della lentezza e reticenza con cui Safari sta adottando tecnologie web emergenti (volte soprattutto alla creazione di single-page applications) che altri browser — non solo Chrome, ma pure IE — già da diverso tempo supportano:

I think there is a general feeling among web developers that Safari is lagging behind the other browsers. All of the APIs I mentioned above are not implemented in Safari, and Apple has shown no public interest in them. When you start browsing caniuse.com, the list goes on and on. […]

In recent years, Apple’s strategy towards the web can most charitably be described as “benevolent neglect.” Although performance has been improving significantly with JSCore and the new WKWebView, the emerging features of the web platform – offline storage, push notifications, and “installable” webapps – have been notably absent on Safari.