pointerQuartz è una API

Quartz si definisce una API: va dove sono i lettori, e nella forma più appropriata al mezzo. Al centro di tutto questo non c’è il sito, un indirizzo specifico a cui raggiungerli, ma il brand — che ciascun lettore conosce in maniera diversa (i lettori della newsletter in un modo i visitatori del sito in un altro):

So when we say Quartz is an API, we don’t mean publish once and send it everywhere. We mean Quartz can go anywhere our readers are, in whatever form is appropriate. What’s most striking about that is what sits in the middle: our brand. In this environment, it’s the most important thing: We are a guide to the new global economy for smart, worldly people. That drives our editorial mission, our product vision, and our commercial business. And the specific forms that takes is the challenge we’re all here to tackle. Most of all, this will require us to be excellent at what’s in the center, what we call Quartz and all that it stands for: insisting on bold and creative decisions, a user-first approach, being excited by change, and serving an audience of global business professionals.