pointer“Quella volta che acquistai MDMA su Silk Road”

Su The Morning News, Charles Thompson racconta la sua esperienza con Silk Road e di come ora che stanno iniziando ad arrestare alcuni acquirenti e venditori sia preoccupato che riescano a risalire al suo nome reale, partendo dall’account di Silk Road:

In February of 2013, I decided to order one gram of MDMA from Silk Road because I wanted to write an essay on whether it really was that easy to click a few buttons and have a package of Schedule I substances arrive at your door a week later. […] The MDMA was vacuum-sealed in a dime bag with blue stars on it, folded up in a sheet of white paper with 10 quotes printed on it in Helvetica. The quotes, ranging from Ben Franklin to the Dalai Lama, revolved around the theme of happiness. One of them was attributed to Orson Welles: “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop the story.”