pointerI colori di Apple

Quali colori ha utilizzato Apple, dalla nascita ad oggi? Dai primi computer beige, agli iMac colorati, agli iPhone disponibili solamente in bianco oppure in nero. Linus Edwards di VintageZen analizza e raccoglie i colori di Apple, illustrando i differenti periodi:

I wonder if these new colorful iPhones, along with the more colorful iOS 7, is a signal that Apple is transitioning into another colorful phase, similar to that of the late 90s. I always found it strange how Steve Jobs pushed the colorful iMac and iBooks, yet completely turned away from those colors after only a few years. Maybe he saw that fashion and tastes change rather quickly and wanted to pivot and stay ahead of the game. The bright colors would soon become garish if Apple kept them too long, so Jobs took Macs in a completely different direction with neutral colors that would be more timeless and less at the whim of current fashion.