pointerLo stato delle applicazioni sviluppate da Apple

Apple ha molte applicazioni nell’App Store, eppure poche sono eccellenti e soddisfano gli utenti (come le loro recensioni dimostrano). Devir Kahan┬ási domanda se, a distribuirle separatamente, toccherebbe la stessa┬ásorte per quelle incluse di default nell’iPhone:

Most all of Apple’s apps that are available as additional downloads from the App Store have really, really bad reviews. Almost all of them are either at, or fall below, the 3-star mark. Translation: People don’t seem to really like Apple’s apps. There is, of course, no official way to tell, but I would be curious how Apple’s apps that come pre-loaded on iOS would fair in “App Store review land”. Would they be rated just as mediocrely?