pointerCosa ci succede quando diventiamo dipendenti dalla caffeina

Da Surprising Science, un blog dello Smithsonian Magazine, la descrizione di cosa accadde quella volta, lontana nel tempo, che finii col rimanere involontariamente e infelicemente per due giorni senza caffè:

Within 24 hours of quitting the drug, your withdrawal symptoms begin. Initially, they’re subtle: The first thing you notice is that you feel mentally foggy, and lack alertness. Your muscles are fatigued, even when you haven’t done anything strenuous, and you suspect that you’re more irritable than usual.

Over time, an unmistakable throbbing headache sets in, making it difficult to concentrate on anything. Eventually, as your body protests having the drug taken away, you might even feel dull muscle pains, nausea and other flu-like symptoms.