pointerCome siamo arrivati ad oggi

How we got to Now è una nuova serie televisiva curata da Steve Johnson (autore di Tutto quello che ti fa male ti fa bene), dedicata a esplorare come siamo arrivati a inventare alcune delle tecnologie che oggi diamo per scontate. Andrà in onda nel 2014, e promette di essere interessante:

Each hour-long episode takes one facet of modern life that we mostly take for granted — artificial cold, clean drinking water, the lenses in your spectacles — and tells the 500-year story of how that innovation came into being: the hobbyists and amateurs and entrepreneurs and collaborative networks that collectively made the modern world possible. It’s also the story of the unintended consequences of these inventions: air conditioning and refrigeration didn’t just make it possible to build ski slopes in the desert; they also triggered arguably the largest migration of human beings in the history of the species — to cities like Dubai or Phoenix that would otherwise be virtually uninhabitable.