pointerChe gioco sta giocando Amazon

MG Siegler spiega il senso e il vantaggio della strategia a lungo termine — bassi e quasi inesistenti profitti oggi per rimandare tutto a un domani — di Amazon:

Here’s the thing that most people, and certainly many in the tech press, don’t seem to understand about Amazon, and by extension, Bezos: when it comes to business, there’s a game being played almost flawlessly.

The goal is actually to not make a huge profit too early. […] I know that sounds crazy. Cash is king, right? Not always. Just look at Apple. They are the kings of cash. $13 billion in profit one quarter, $9 billion the next, and so on. And yet, Apple’s story the past year has largely been one of a company in flux. Will they ever right the ship? Is it over?

(Un grafico di Dan Frommer che mostra quanta sia la distanza fra il modo di operare di Apple e Amazon)