pointerPerché Chrome è più importante di Android, per Google

Per un’azienda orizzontale come Google, il cui obiettivo è servire gli utenti di qualsiasi piattaforma, Chrome pare più appropriato di Android (che aveva invece una funzione più che altro difensiva, verso iOS). Ben Thompson:

For Google, it is Chrome that fits this focus on a multi-screen world. Chrome shouldn’t be thought of as a web browser; rather, it’s an optimized bi-directional delivery vehicle: the best experience with Google services for users, and maximum user data for Google. And it runs everywhere. This is why Google has been investing millions of dollars in building the Chrome brand for some time now. […] One could make the argument that Google can no longer control Android. I would contend they don’t even want to. In fact, that was the point. No one company will ever control mobile, but all mobile devices will access the web.