Com’è cambiata la fotografia, da quando tutti abbiamo una fotocamera sempre con noi

Technical limitations of primitive photographic technology falsely imposed a performance art aspect on the medium. […] The notion that a large part of the creativity of the medium was the ability to recognize and capture moments in real-time. […] One photographer. One lens. One camera. One angle. One moment. Once you miss it, it is gone forever. Future generations will lament all the decisive moments we lost to these limitations, just as we lament the absence of photographs from pre-photographic eras. But these limitations (the missed moments) were never central to what makes photography an art (the curation of time,) and as the evolution of technology created them, so too is it on the verge of liberating us from them. […] Which is why I began this essay emphasizing the centrality of curation, not action, to the photographic act. Clayton Cubitt