pointerQuello che ci dice Facebook sulle nostre vite

Stephen Wolfram ha analizzato i dati raccolti da Facebook su un campione di un milione di utenti, ottenendo statistiche piuttosto accurate, e stereotipi confermati:

I have to say that as I look at the plots above, I’m struck by their similarity to plots for physical processes like chemical reactions. It’s as if all those humans, with all the complexities of their lives, still behave in aggregate a bit like molecules—with certain “reaction rates” to enter into relationships, marry, etc. […] Some of this is rather depressingly stereotypical. And most of it isn’t terribly surprising to anyone who’s known a reasonable diversity of people of different ages. But what to me is remarkable is how we can see everything laid out in such quantitative detail in the pictures above—kind of a signature of people’s thinking as they go through life.