pointerMessaggi dal futuro: perché i Google Glass hanno fallito

Joel Hladecek, fingendo di venire dal futuro, ha spiegato per quale ragione i Google Glass non sono sopravvissuti all’hype iniziale:

Real people – real life. I think what Google completely missed, developing Glass in their private, billion dollar bouncy-house laboratory, were some basic realities that would ultimately limit adoption of Glass’ persistent access to technology: factors related to humanity and culture, real-world relationships, social settings and pressures, and unspoken etiquette.

Oh and one other bit of obviousness. Sex. And I mean the real kind, with another person’s actual living body – two real people who spend a lot of money to look good. But I guess I get why these, of all über geeks missed that. […] There are good reasons people spend umpteen fortunes on contact lenses and corrective eye surgeries. Corrective glasses, while being a practical pain in the ass also effectively serve to make the largest swath of the population less attractive.