pointerLa ‘next big thing’ può attendere

Un’opinione interessante, quella di Joe Cieplinski, che contrariamente a quanto suggeriscano analisti e (molti) giornalisti chiede a Apple di rallentare, di non pensare alla ‘next big thing’ ma di prendersi un anno per concentrarsi su tutti i prodotti e servizi che ha lanciato negli ultimi due anni senza perfezionarli come avrebbe dovuto — per citarne tre: iCloud, FaceTime e Passbook.

Every one of these and many more could easily become world-changing, competition-killing features with the right amount of polish and some proselytizing. But Apple can’t do that if it starts to adopt a more Google-like “throw it all up against the wall and see what sticks” attitude. This would be harmful not only to the users who get burnt as their favorite new technologies die on the vine, but also to Apple itself as people start to lose their faith that everything new Apple does is golden.