pointerApple, fai che non ci sia un iTunes 12

Farhad Manjoo nel recensire iTunes 11 arriva a una conclusione simile alla mia:

Is this a genuine improvement, or just a face-lift masking the rot beneath? I suspect the latter. […] It remains a local file manager in a connected age. The new software does have deeper integration with Apple’s iCloud service, but at its core iTunes is meant to manage “your” music files—that is, stuff you’ve purchased or burned—on a single computer. That’s an outmoded model, one that’s being replaced by subscription systems like Spotify, which feature no distinction between stuff you own and stuff you don’t. Instead you have rights to play everything, all the time, whenever you want.

[…] Whatever Apple does, it shouldn’t aim merely to fix iTunes but instead come up with a brand new system better suited to our age. iTunes 11 is enough. Please don’t let there be an iTunes 12.

(Relativo: Andrew Boardman si lamenta di Manjoo che distrugge a parole e senza indugio, in pochi minuti, un software, dietro al quale ci stanno persone e mesi di lavoro — dovrei sentirmi una persona orribile perché credo che il modello su cui si basa sia datato?)