pointerUna (inedita) registrazione audio Steve Jobs, risalente al 1983

“One of the reasons I’m here is that I need your help, If you look at computers, they look like garbage. All the great product designers are off designing automobiles or off designing buildings. But, hardly any of them are designing computers. We’re going to sell those 3 million computers whether they look like a piece of shit, or they look great. It doesn’t really matter because people are going to suck this stuff up no matter what they look like. And it doesn’t really cost any more money to make them look great.”

Un intervento di Steve Jobs al Center for Design Innovation, risale al 1983 e nonostante questo si parla dell’iPhone, di Google Street View e di come occorra fare qualcosa per migliorare il design dei computer. Non credo fosse mai stato reso pubblico prima di oggi.