pointerGli anni migliori di Steve Jobs

I più creativi e formativi: sono quelli che ha passato senza Apple, dopo essere stato cacciato e prima di fare ritorno.

If Steve Jobs’s life were staged as an opera, it would be a tragedy in three acts. And the titles would go something like this: Act I–The Founding of Apple Computer and the Invention of the PC Industry; Act II–The Wilderness Years; and Act III–A Triumphant Return and Tragic Demise.

The first act would be a piquant comedy about the brashness of genius and the audacity of youth, abruptly turning ominous when our young hero is cast out of his own kingdom. The closing act would plumb the profound irony of a balding and domesticated high-tech rock star coming back to transform Apple far beyond even his own lofty expectations, only to fall mortally ill and then slowly, excruciatingly wither away, even as his original creation miraculously bulks up into the biggest digital dynamo of them all. Both acts are picaresque tales that end with a surge of deep pathos worthy of Shakespeare.

But that second act–The Wilderness Years–would be altogether different in tone and spirit.

Fast Company in questo lungo articolo di Brent Schlender, nato dai trenta nastri che il giornalista possiede inerenti a passate conversazioni e interviste con Jobs svoltesi negli ultimi 25 anni. Alcuni passaggi ulteriori da essi ricavate da sono riportati in un altro articolo.