pointerI Hate My iPad

John Swansburg di Slate odia il suo iPad: crede che non abbia portato con sé nessun beneficio significativo che ne giustifichi l’acquisto. A qualcosa è servito, come a navigare comodamente in rete stando sdraiati, ma questo qualcosa è troppo poco.

Quindi chiede, su Slate appunto, se ci sia qualcuno che riesca a convincerlo di non aver sprecato 600 dollari.

I admit that I bought my iPad for the wrong reasons. I got one because it seemed like everyone I knew had gotten one for Christmas and, well, I felt left out. I didn’t think about how it would fit in with the gadgets I already owned (laptop, Kindle, iPhone), and I didn’t borrow a friend’s and take it on a test drive. Now I just feel annoyed, having spent $600 on a device that hasn’t done anything to improve my life. A salad spinner would have been a better investment, and I don’t even eat that much salad. […] Typing on the thing is beastly, rendering the device useful only for consuming, not composing.